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The Many Uses of the Whizzinator and Synthetic Urine

The Whizzinator is widely used for a lot of things but mostly for its purpose of flushing out synthetic urine. The synthetic urine being emitted by the Whizzinator can be used in a lot of things. Most of the time, using the Whizzinator is a must for people who need to pass their regular urine exam when they enter a job or a particular school. There is no reason for you to wonder then why a great number of people are getting their very own Whizzinators to get past their routine urine exams. And yet, using the Whizzinator and its synthetic urine also help in a lot of ways and not just the most common use for it. Here you will find a lot of benefits to using synthetic urine and some fast facts about it.

Now, what is there to know about the synthetic urine being given off by the Whizzinator? When you talk about synthetic urine, it is water that is made up of different organic and inorganic components with the likes of urea, sulfates, creatinine, chloride, and phosphate. Usually, it is for laboratory purposes that synthetic urine is basically used. In terms of chemical properties, both synthetic urine and real urine are the same; however, the former just does not have any waste and impurities. Based on their chemical makeup, you then know that you can get the best laboratory results in terms of your urine by passing synthetic urine removed from the Whizzinator. By not having any pathogens in the synthetic urine, you know that it is the best candidate as well for carrying out some laboratory procedures on your urine. This article will give you more facts about synthetic urine and what uses they have as they are found in your Whizzinator.

Utilizing synthetic urine for laboratory equipment calibration and tuning. In order for urine laboratory equipment to give you accurate results for urine testing, they must be calibrated with the help of synthetic urine. Using real urine is not a good option as each urine from one person to another varies and they have different chemical compositions that could alter the urine testing results.

Using synthetic urine for school purposes. Every medical technologist student is expected to do urinalysis during their schooling years. With the help of the synthetic urine being given off by the Whizzinator, the student will be able to hone their skills in carrying out their urinalysis exams. Moreover, using synthetic urine also gives students some assurance that they will not come in contact with contaminated urine.

Doing sample testing of various cleaning agents. Using the synthetic urine coming from the Whizzinator can also be helpful for cleaning agent companies who want to prove that the cleaning materials that they are selling are effective. Most of the time, these cleaning agents are the ones to be used in the carpets as well as the furniture in your home.

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