Questions About Your Labiaplasty Post-Op

Labiaplasty is a method designed to remove excess tissue from the vaginal labia. These loose tissues can be a source of pain and unpleasant sensations when wearing certain types of clothing. The labia can also be irritated during daily activities and cause embarrassment in the individual’s intimate life.

The surgery targets the labial surplus tissues to eliminate discomfort both physically and psychologically. Labiaplasty is a surgery that is growing in popularity. It is safe, efficient, and offers females several aesthetic and functional benefits. Here are a few issues that most patients are concerned about when it comes to labiaplasty.

Swelling and itching

Swelling and itching occur during the initial healing period. Generally speaking, edema (swelling) gradually resolves after the 3rd post-op day, but most females will see the swelling disappear after one week. Itching is common during the first week of healing. If itching persists beyond this period, it is essential to tell the surgeon – it may be a bacterial infection or an allergic reaction.

Limiting activity during the initial healing period is wise. Applying cold compresses to the affected area is a smart move, but consulting the surgeon before applying anything to the operated area is a must. In fact, patients should consult their surgeon if they have any questions.


During surgery, surgeons use resorbable sutures that disappear after three to four weeks. The scar blends very well into the tissues of the labia minora, which naturally have furrows and folds. The labia minora, in other words, is almost invisible. Once the sutures have resorbed, the scar tissue becomes firm and then soften in the following months.

Resuming normal activities

Labiaplasty patients resume their usual activities (including sports) after two to four weeks. It can take six to eight weeks for the scar to fully heal, during which time intercourse must not take place. Labiaplasty is a practical and rewarding intervention offering a lasting result.

Women who are looking to change their way of life through labiaplasty should do so when they are ready. If you think this intervention could be beneficial to you, look at page for Dr. Zacharia.